Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we do what we do?
We love encouraging growth and development both within our agency and in the campaigns, we roll out for our clients. One of the great advantages of direct marketing versus more traditional methods is that it allows our clients opportunity to compete for consumer’s loyalty through real conversations and education. Each of our clients is different and as a result so is each of the campaigns we develop, this means every day at Prime Triangle is unique and different from the previous.
Who do we work with?
We work with a variety of clientele, from large UK brand names right through to non-profit organisations. Our client base is a mixture of B2B and B2C who wish to improve brand awareness and customer acquisition in the Greater Newcastle area. We also have larger reach campaigns which service the whole UK.
What makes us different?
We’re different because of our commitment and drive to become the leading outsourced sales and marketing agency in the UK. Our fun and engaging approach with customers and experience within our field provides us with insight and the ability to adapt campaigns and provide our clients with an unrivalled level of service and communication as you would expect from any partner.
What does ‘outsourced’ mean?
Being and Outsourced sales and marketing agency means that businesses hire us to develop sales and marketing strategies on their behalf. They essentially ‘outsource’ that department to us so that they can concentrate on their core business and we take on the responsibility of raising brand awareness and generating sales.
Why work with us?
We do everything we can to facilitate a culture of learning, innovation and success. We have great clients, we boast a fun work environment and we all reap the rewards of our successful sales and marketing campaigns…. What’s not to like?
Can you run a campaign in a specific geographic region?
Yes – You can hire Prime Triangle to run a campaign in almost any UK geographic region. Contact for more specific information.
What are the criteria for using our services?
All major campaigns run by us go through a checklist to ensure we will be the right fit for your desired results. If you are looking for measurable results in the form of new customers contact our administration team to start an induction with us.
How do you control the quality of your services?
Quality control is important to us at Prime Triangle and for us, it means putting a constant focus on meeting deadlines and exceeding benchmarks set by our clients. We will implement a variety of quality control measures such as mystery shopping programs, corrective actions and re-training where indicated, or appropriate disciplinary action. When high standards are consistently performed, we also have special recognition programs to reward contractors and suppliers for high quality and integrity.
In changing and challenging economic times how do you achieve targets?
We started our business during the recent recession when most businesses were nervous about their stability we charged ahead and launched proving to our clients that no matter what the economy is like there is always a way to sell, market and promote a good quality brand.
Do you speak at conferences for sales?
Yes, our Managing Director Jiri Holous is a regular speaker at conferences around the UK. A few of the topics we recently covered, are; Time Management, Goal Setting, Networking, Objection Handling, and Improving Quality Customer Acquisitions. Mr Holous is renowned for being a strong speaker who as a dynamic and engaging way of presenting information to an audience.
What’s the best way to acquire new sales or increase customer acquisition rates?
At Prime Triangle we believe that direct sales and marketing offers and above average ROI when compared to more traditional advertising methods. We are so confident in our ability to acquire new customers and boost sales for our clientele that we offer a ‘no-win-no-fee’ policy.
By engaging with people in person, at events, through street promotions or b2b, we are able to take the time to explain your products in detail, respond to questions, give product demonstrations and help to tailor packages to suit your individual customer’s needs. It is this ability to personalise the marketing process that allows direct sales and marketing to offer an average return of that is 42% higher than TV advertising. Impressive right? Contact us to find out how we can help?
How can I set my Product Apart from Competitors?
A unique selling point is obviously important in successfully selling your product or service. But here at Prime Triangle we also believe that giving your brand a voice can help to improve loyalty to your business. We do this by meeting customers in person. By doing this we can find out what is important to them, the issues they have faced with your competitors and how to define how your product could be marketed in a more engaging way.