Prime Triangle Claims Title of ‘Most Engaged Workforce’

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As a fresh and exciting sales and marketing startup, Prime Triangle has big plans for growth in 2018. However, while the firm is focusing on boosting its reach, it recently revealed how it’s current size has contributed to its success so far.

Based in Newcastle, Prime Triangle is a start-up firm that focusses on creating fun, engaging and educational marketing campaigns to their client’s specific requirements. The company believes that they are only as good as the people they work with, which is why the firm boasts a culture of inclusiveness, which has lead to a happy and engaged workforce.

The Managing Director of Prime Triangle, Jiri Holous was born in Prague, Czech Republic and at the age of 17 started his first business selling expensive brands of clothing to his friends and acquaintances face-to-face. After saving money, the MD moved to Newcastle, in September 2015 and began his career in the sales and marketing industry. In September 2017 the MD founded Prime Triangle.

While the firm is aiming high in 2018 to push into new UK markets, and over the next five years expand into the USA and South Africa, the Managing Director does acknowledge that being a smaller startup has led to its rapid success so far. This success is because, as a small business, Jiri Holous has the freedom to work closely with everyone in the company and offer mentorship. As a result, this close work has created a tight-knit community of professionals willing and wanting to help each other succeed.

The culture of Prime Triangle has resulted in a highly engaged workforce. Smaller companies often have a more engaged workforce according to new research from Paymentsense. A study of 1000 SME UK workers has revealed that almost half of those surveyed that work in a company of ten or fewer people, will work unpaid overtime because that has the natural willingness of wanting the business to succeed.

Prime Triangle is determined as it grows to keep its close community and ensure everyone gets the support, advice and mentorship they need to be successful. The Managing Director wants to provide individuals from a variety of backgrounds with an opportunity to achieve more from their career and their lives, while at the same time, having fun while working.

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