Prime Triangle Responds to a Recent Study Detailing Growth in Newcastle

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Newcastle’s most dynamic direct sales and marketing firm, Prime Triangle has recently responded to reports on the city’s recent accolades and has taken the opportunity to detail benefits of the developing city.

Newcastle has recently ranked as number seven for employment opportunities and population growth across the country. The city has joined a number of other Northern cities solidifying the region’s state as a strong competitor against the capital and the South. Researchers have pinpointed Newcastle as recognition in their “dramatic” transformation.

Amongst the growth report, Think Tank detailed how jobs within the city have grown by a staggering 29% between 1998 and 2015. The city has developed a number of opportunities for professionals wishing to begin their entrepreneurial journeys; a subject Prime Triangle relates heavily to within their own company through their business development programme and dedication to their brand ambassador progression.

The city’s recent accolade has put their growth ahead of a number of other high profile cities including Brighton and Norwich. The Centre for Cities ranked London only as 20th in the list, solidifying the growing reputation of Prime Triangle’s home city.

Prime Triangle is pleased to respond the recent news, detailing how as a company they also play into the current growth trend in the city. The company is eager to continue their in-house development of their contractors along with the acquisition of further aspiring entrepreneurs and additional high profile clients. The firm is proud to have their headquarters based in the city and is excited about the future development of Prime Triangle in Newcastle and further afield.

Prime Triangle encourages growth and development within their sales and marketing campaigns for their numerous clients. The firm details how direct marketing offers them the opportunity to build relationships with consumers through real conversations and education. Each of their clients is different and as a result so is each of the campaigns they develop states Prime Triangle.

Prime Triangle understands that their biggest strength is the people that consult with them, and they take time to ensure they provide their contractors with the best support & training required to ensure they can perform at the best of their ability.


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